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The Magnetic Mystic
for channeling
the wisdom of your
moving body

A 6 month mystery school portal

Ignite your soul-led path, while
clearing emotional blocks & dancing your manifestations into the world...



We work somatically in order to gain clarity around the layers of mental, emotional & energetic states that arise through being ALIVE!

Dance Alchemy is energy work + what dance knows + somatic arts for tapping into our body's wisdom to transmute, heal, commune, shape-shift and respond creatively within life's ebbs & flows.

What you Can

Expect from me!


I really can feel you. It's one of my intuitive gifts. When I guide movement practices my channel natural opens and attunes to your field and "THE FIELD". I'm continually learning about this ability. If we do journey-work, I will be honest about my limits. I will guide in ways that also teaches you how to do this for yourself. I will check-in with you and receive your permission before doing energy-work. When our work is finished, I will hold very firm energetic boundaries.



In our time/space together I will value the role of "witness" & "responder" as a powerful tool for co-creating the conditions for healing.  I will do my best to not project my experiences of something onto yours. I will not grasp or cling to needing "results", or do weird things to create "proof of value". I already know the power of this work and I know the power of GRACE which reaches way beyond "me" and into your life.



It's my dharma to continue to be in the work just as deeply as you are. Though I have a lot of skills and experience, so do you! I will not perform expertise. I will share what I know & do not know. I'm here to support you in your exploration of bodily autonomy and the continual practice of refreshing "seeing" & the how of "being" so that you can define & divine what's  most harmonious for your Life dance.

The Magnetic Mystic

Portal Timeline

The Magnetic Mystic

6 month mystery school portal

Align your emotional body and ignite your Soul path. Learn to channel the wisdom of your moving body. Liberate and Turn-ON your power through the mediumship of dancing.


My danceAlchemy methods will teach you the powerful ancient technology of sound, breath, movement & intention as conduits for communing with the elements and the earth as well as ways to heal ancestral trauma.


You will also learn how to utilize creative expression as a tool of reclamation of your Soul's gifts, deepening the path of self actualization as well as joy, pleasure and play.

You will also use movement to journey & divine inspiration & messages from your dreams. Affirming synchronicities in your daily life to expand upon your manifestation abilities


This portal supports you in the journey of exploring the landscape of your inner-world growing your intuitive gifts and liberating yourself from old patterns and limiting beliefs.


You will learn to move in mysterious ways and trust it!


Throughout this 6 month journey you will be awakening the healer & mystic within, by learning how to combine somatic arts, energy-work & dancing to embody the most healthy, wealthy, love radiant YOU that life is already calling you into.

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