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Dance like it's your last day on Changing Mother Earth & watch how your soul re-members itself, watch the power of your BODY coming back into rhythm with the heartbeat of the MYSTERY!

If you want to feel ALIVE...



Anne Gehman

I am a Dance Artist & Embodiment Coach

I work with people who are suffering from chronic pain, stress, burn-out, trauma & fatigue to recover a sense of joy, ease, pleasure and safety in their bodies. So that they can access more creativity, freedom & choice in how they are experiencing their ALIVENESS!

I draw from two decades of experience as a professional dancer, and movement educator, to support people in their process of self-inquiry, skill development and healing.


I use the mediumship of dancing & energy-work to create ritual and journey SPACES which assist people in processing, rage, resentment & grief, as well as ecstatic joy. Together, we will work to surrender and open up to the wisdom already existing within the BODY to grow our capacity to experience more LOVE, self-trust & inner-authority in our lives. 

"It is not only your birthright to create, it is your true nature. The world will be healed when you take up your paint brush, shake your body and sing your heart out. Shakti, the feminine, the dynamic nature of reality, is dying to take you for a spin."
- Mirabai Starr, Wild Mercy

Through Embodiment Coaching

You will learn how to listen to your body and understand how it communicates. So that you can navigate challenges in your life with more ease, clarity & creativity. While attending embodiment coaching sessions, you will develop a quality of attention that will deepen your relationship to your inner/ spiritual terrain. 

The 1:1 embodiment sessions & Group danceAlchemy classes  provide lots of spaciousness to move & integrate at your own pace, without pressure to attain any state of being other than what is present. You do not need to "be a dancer" to join . This work is for every BODY. This somatic approach can loosen the grip of anxiety & open your BODY-mind to relaxing into it's natural healing abilities & so much more... 

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