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Dance Alchemist 

Anne Gehman 


I am from a tiny bowl with a red glazed center.

From a box of old performance flyers & a retired pair of pointe shoes from the 90's.

I am from an avocado tree.

The skin of her fruits taste like licorice & her branches sprawling horizontally deliver seeds to fertile grounds. 

I am from the sounds of the swamp

veterans & naval shipyards

intercoastal waterways

farmers, quilters, teachers, 

gamblers & drinkers

thick air & humidity drenched trees

From boiled shrimp & pound cake

I am from a large windowed Sun-lit studio full of dancers,

synchronizing nervous system to nervous system,

touching, seeing with eyes closed, feeling the ground and flying through space together. 

I am from "You are a great teacher. You are an inspiration in my life. You help me to see things from new perspectives. I can be myself around you. You are a healer." 


"teach me how to pour grace into this world,

as sure as the ocean is to rocking,

let me pour, let me pour"


I am from a medicine basket of great sages, 

Weaver of Inspiration

Dance Alchemist


As sure as the ocean is to rocking

I am

Dancing for the answers

Let me pour, let me pour. 


I draw upon two decades of professional dancing to facilitate spaces for people to do deep embodiment work. I hold years of practice in somatic awareness, improvisation, yoga, meditation, & a lifetime of classical and contemporary dance training. I guide and organize sessions with intent to witness what IS and hold the potential for emerging revelations within the heart-minds of participants. I use creativity and self-expression as a conduit for healing mind-body dualism and the subsequent paralyzing affects of post-modern consumerist-over-cultures. This mind-body dualism has us collectively living in disembodied dazes. Working with movement & attention is foundational to resolving the common mis-conception that inner and outer worlds are somehow separate. In this work I intend to honor the precious gift of Earth-human incarnation and inherited relations with life-affirming actions and reflections.  



Body Space Gnosis- Embodiment Coaching


University of California San Diego; 

Part-time Dance Faculty


San Diego State University;

Part-time Dance Faculty


200 HR Yoga Teacher Training 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training


Teaching Faculty San Diego Dance Theatre


Graduate M.F.A Dance Theatre;

University of California San Diego


youTurn Arts ; Co-Founder & Producer


Undergraduate B.F.A Dance Performance;

Jacksonville University, Jacksonville Florida


I have had the good fortune of studying with many mentors, teachers and guides. I am continually integrating and crystallizing their teachings into my life. I do my best to pass them along in pure form while honoring the unique circumstances present on my journey. In deep gratitude for the lineages I come from, I bow. 

Yoga & Meditation (Hatha- Ashtanga- 8 Limbs)

Sarah Clark- Primary Mentor & 200HR Teacher Training

Micheal Stone- Literature and archived sangha meditations

Yraceburu EarthWisdom

Maria Yraceburu - Quero Apache, 13th generational holy one, lineage keeper for Tlish Diyan.  

Mentoring & initiation in vision-keeping & ceremonial dreamwork

Innerversity (Sovereignty Mentorship)

James (Sevan) Bomar- Metaphysics, Occult Symbolism, Deprogramming, Advanced Energetics

Somatic Movement Education

Eric Geiger- Feldenkrais & Contact Improvisation

Alison D. Smith- Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Jane Blount - Authentic Movement Practice

Mary Peterson- Feldenkrais & Expressive Arts Therapy

Classical & Contemporary Dance Mentors

Dulce Anaya, Alberto Alonso, Alora Haynes, Rhonda Stampalia, Michelle Ottley, Kim McDonough, Christina Teague-Mann, Brian Palmer, Cari Coble, Ellie Potts Barrett, Caroline Schmidt, Dr. Phyllis Penney, Deb Meunier, Jean Isaacs, Micheal Mizerany, Diego Pignon (Butoh), Liam Clancy, Yolande Snaith, Eric Geiger. 



ImagoMoves- Yolande Snaith

somebodies dance theatre- Gina & Kyle Sorenson

Blythe Barton Dance Co.

San Diego Dance Theater

Fusionworks Dance Co. RI

Jacksonville Ballet Theatre


Recent Collaborators

Emily Aust, Veronica Moniello, Erin Tracy, Michelle Josey

what is embodiment?
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