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Embodiment : What is it?

"Embodiment is the cells' awareness of themselves. It is a direct experience; there are no intermediary steps or translations. There is no guide, or witness. There is fully known consciousness of the experienced moment initiated from the cells themselves.


In this instance, the brain is the last to know. There is complete knowing. There is peaceful comprehension. Out of this embodiment process emerges feeling, thinking, witnessing, understanding.


The source of this process is love." - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


From my own innerstanding: 

  • Embodiment is presence.

  • Embodiment is pre-conceptual awareness.


So what's Embodiment Coaching?

  • This is a different kind of coaching because we don't make goals, we don't plan milestones to pursue/achieve. We be with what is and go from there. Inward. This is the gift. Time and spaciousness to notice yourself. 

  • Guidance in orienting the attention towards sensations within the body, as a means of working with mental states.

  • Guidance in building the skills of self inquiry which facilitate the potential for experiencing cellular-somatic awareness. This is done through movement and stillness practices.

  • Facilitation in opening awareness of the more subtle forms of energy (prana/chi) & the expression of Nature's pathways as they unfold throughout one's experience.  


In Embodiment Sessions you will:


  • dedicate time & space to tune into yourself

  • grow your faculties of perception

  • strengthen the umbilical cord of intuition

  • improve movement and meditation skills

  • have space to process difficult emotions/memories stored in the body 

  • notice your innate abilities for creativity and joy

  • develop healthy self-image

  • revitalize your Spirit

  • let go of limiting beliefs 

  • develop supportive habits and rituals 

  • cultivate skills for being grounded & present in your life

  • experience spaciousness & flow with life's changes

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