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Healing Library

Daily Movement meditations & practices. danceAlchemy,  Body stream methods, movement Journeys, Experiential Anatomy, Yoga Asana, Pranayama, channeled dance key codes & Activations. 

danceAlchemy flowing hips 30 min

Many of us carry stored emotions and tension in the hips. This is A somatic & intuitive movement guidance for opening the flow in the lower energy centers.


danceAlchemy Water Element 25 min.

A movement journey for Embodying and calling upon our connection to the sacred waters within ourselves and the planet. Rejuvenate and restore with water.


Full body Morning Hatha/Vinyasa Flow

50 min.

This yoga sequence will  bring breath awareness into all areas of your body and prepare your body-mind for the day. Includes postures sitting, standing & laying down and A good long savasana.


danceAlchemy "dose of daily confidence" (bridging earth & sky) 20 min.

This practice guides through sequences of movements for bridging earth and sky while opening your heart to gratitude and confidence. Setting the tone & intention for embodying your life fully!


How to set up your seat & posture for meditation

Finding the sitting posture that works for your body can really Assist your meditation process. In this video I offer a few options for sitting and meditating, including sitting in a chair. Check it out!


Full guided meditation/ Body Breathes Itself

This practice guides you through a 10 Min. warm-up preparing the body for a seated meditation. 

meditation for opening awareness while paying attention to sensation of breathing 


Toning the Vagus Nerve/ sound & movement

Somatic Movement Guidance. Free up the throat, heart, lungs & chest. For relieving pain & emotional Blocks. Especially good for anxiety & grief.


Somatic Awareness For Emotional Overwhelm& Tapping Energy Centers

This practice is for When you are spinning in a storm of Emotions... Guidance for grounding and orienting into the present. 


Somatic movement Spinal Flow/discovering rocking & rhythm

This practice is for coordination/ unlocking rigidity in head, neck, chest & pelvis. Opening the flow of cerebral spinal fluid.

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