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Sacredness & Somatic Sensing

BELOW You Will find the weekly lessons and recordings from our dance Alchemy classes. I will be adding New recordings as we go along.

Reminder: Please help keep our container strong and respect the confidentiality and privacy of anyone sharing in our classes and groups. 


Module 1 : Focuses on growing our interoception throughSpinal Flow Explorations

In these Classes we explore sensation as it relates to the movements of the spine, Animal- mammalian, reptilian... rocking, undulating, swaying, slithering & Developmentally Embryologically.

In this class we discuss the space-holding agreements of the group. Then move into spinal flow explorations. Then finish with a sun-gazing meditation. This is a potent daily practice you can access anytime. It helps the body return to its natural rhythms of assimilation, Absorption, Digestion & Elimination, both somatically & Spiritually. See what happens When you allow yourself to enter a small dance with this...

Homework : Do a tiny dance of synching-up with the sun everyday. This is about being in the question : how does MY body know how to do this? Listen & open & trust you are doing it!

Unblocking the spine ...

This Class We discuss the anatomy of the limbic system. We Enter Somatic exploration of the spine - head tail rocking & spinal waves. Then Flow into a juicy dance Alchemy of embodying our animal spine. Dancing our "Yes" and our "No". Identifying the felt sensation asserting Boundaries!

HOMEWORK: Notice how your body responds to creating boundaries throughout the week.

honoring rest & re-discovering movement impulse 

We Discuss the sense faculties and how to work with the mind and recognize when body is calling for REST. We do restorative postures and breathe. We take a dance alchemy journey into the dance of "the fussy baby", learning what it feels like to "wait to be moved" by impulse. Can we find listen for the organic, authentic impulse of intentionality?

HOMEWORK: invite some wiggly/fussy baby research into your movement anywhere around your house, a sofa, a bed, the floor. Allow your self to be with the impulse to shift & move and rediscovery yourself in play & in space. 

We discuss making space for catharsis & release and letting go of shame. 

We continue spinal explorations, in the chair we do somatic movements for side bending. Opening to listening to the side to side swaying of the heart. Dance Alchemy "the dance of falling and opening to desire"

HOMEWORK: the dream-space may be revealing to you something about desire, notice what images may emerge... feel into your relationship with desire and dance with it throughout the week. 

We break down the difference between Awareness, Attention & Thoughts...

We look at the metaphor- Emotions as weather or weather patterns. How to contextualize emotional states into relating to something less "personal", but still relational & as part of the greater animate forces of Nature.

HOMEWORK: have a dance each day & ask yourself "what's the weather"?



Spiraling Movements Practice

What are the ways that thinking about the body and relationships in isolated, segmented parts, could be inhibiting us from experiencing movement flow that feels open & ease-ful. Exploring these spiral movements can assist Accessing the open-ness of our whole organism. 


leaning into support

Shiva/shakti - the dance of the snake... no death for the unborn, you can shake and shed and seek refuge in offering up the dancing with the Mother/goddess/womb of creation- to devour, compost, reshape, re-imagine and re-emerge in each wave of breathe.

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