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The Magnetic Mystic

6 month mystery school portal

Align your emotional body and ignite your Soul path. Learn to channel the wisdom of your moving body. Liberate and Turn-ON your power through the mediumship of dancing.


My danceAlchemy methods will teach you the powerful ancient technology of sound, breath, movement & intention as conduits for communing with the elements and the earth as well as ways to heal ancestral trauma.


You will also learn how to utilize creative expression as a tool of reclamation of your Soul's gifts, deepening the path of self actualization as well as joy, pleasure and play.

You will also use movement to journey & divine inspiration & messages from your dreams. Affirming synchronicities in your daily life to expand upon your manifestation abilities


This portal supports you in the journey of exploring the landscape of your inner-world growing your intuitive gifts and liberating yourself from old patterns and limiting beliefs.


You will learn to move in mysterious ways and trust it!


Throughout this 6 month journey you will be awakening the healer & mystic within, by learning how to combine somatic arts, energy-work & dancing to embody the most healthy, wealthy, love radiant version of yourself.

Payment Plan

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